“The Correct Way to Crack An Egg”

When I first saw today’s daily prompt, I immediately thought of writing on the different ways of cooking eggs and the obvious story, Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss. However, I’d like to bring attention to some of my favorite classic movies.

If you adore Audrey Hepburn, like so many of us do, but have never seen Sabrina, I recommend watching it. In relation to today’s topic, there’s a scene where Sabrina, Audrey’s character, is learning the correct way to crack an egg. I sometimes find myself counting to three before I move on to my next egg while cooking now…

Another favorite movie of mine is The Egg and I starring Claudette Colbert. I went through phase in high school where I watched every movie with her in it as I could. You can click here to see the information on IMDB about it.

If you have film recommendations, I’d enjoy hearing about them! Also, how do you take your eggs? I typically like mine scrambled.

Daily Prompt: Egg

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Hey, everyone! My name is Emma and I'm twenty-something living in Colorado Springs! I enjoy exploring the beautiful town I live in and finding local spots to shop and eat. Small businesses are a passion of mine and I'd like to share my favorites with you and take you along as I discover new ones!

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